Theory Test

The Theory Test is in 2 parts, both parts must be successfully completed at the same test session before you can apply for your practical test. The first part is a 50 question, multiple choice paper. You have 57 minutes to answer all 50 questions and must answer a minimum of 43 correctly (86%).

The question bank is no longer available so it is beneficial to practice these questions using any and all sources that are available. (Check the contacts page).

Hazard Perception

This test consists of 14 video clips showing a number of potential hazards. In each of 13 of these clips 1 potential hazard will develop to become an actual hazard and on 1 clip 2 potential hazards will develop into actual hazards. There may well be a number of hazards or potential hazards on each video clip but only 15 in total, as described above, will be scored.

You are required to click the mouse when this occurs, identifying when you would take evasive action by braking, steering or both. The quicker you react the higher the score you achieve. A score of 44 or better is required to pass this part of your theory test. As with the question element practice makes perfect.